20-34 The Channel of Charisma

When your gift of Contemplation (20) combines with the Power of your Aura (34), the ability to energetically influence the consciousness of others by the power of your Aura gives you amazing charisma. A direct and consistent with the "now" moment expression of (20) the pure energy of your Sacral (34). The moment your actions come from your awareness in the present, you gain clarity about the power and vector of your influence in this moment in time. The ability to adjust the "clarity" and focus of this influence adequately to what is happening. The healthiest thing for you is to be constantly busy in life doing something you love.
The Channel of Charisma
A Design Of Thoughts that Must Become Deeds
  • Manifesting Generator's Channel
  • The Individual Circuit, Channel of Integration
Gift — Self Assurance
The energy that gives the ability to contemplate the present and express one's awareness through action.
Gift — Strength
The powerful energy of the Sacred Centre, available for expression in the present moment.