39-55 The Channel of Emoting

When the energy of Dynamism (39) combines with the supporting energy of Spirit Power (55), you have a powerful emotional field that contains incredible creative power. It can not only ignite you, but also infect people around your with this energy. It's the ability to be happy or sad, with very quick or very lingering mood swings which melancholy creates creativity. The desire to reveal emotions is enhanced by the ability to understand hidden agendas and see people's true feelings. The point of your life is to learn to appreciate low spirits as much as you love high spirits. Only when you can let go of the desire to control love and feel real emotional freedom.
The Channel of Emoting
A Design of Moodiness
  • Projected Channel
  • The Individual Knowing Circuit
Gift — Dynamism
The energy that provokes others during periods of emotional stagnation or depression.
Gift — Freedom
The energy of the inner spirit that makes it possible to perceive other people's feelings and emotions consciously.