35-36 The Channel of Sexual talent

When your unquenchable Thirst for Change (35) combines with the gift of Humanism (36), your constant search for new experiences and sensations is intensely fuelled by the hope of gaining emotional healing through the experience. Your deepest talent lies in constantly seeking out adventures that can bring you new experiences, feelings, sensations or emotions. This channel is also called the Sexual Talent Channel. The purpose of these experiences is to gain the wisdom that there is nothing that lasts forever. This wisdom frees you from attachment to your emotions, gives you a broader view of the world and opens up new avenues of experience.
The Channel of Sexual talent
A Design of a “Jack of All Trades”
  • Manifesting Channel
  • The Collective Sensing Circuit
Gift — Adventure
The energy that evokes a sense of need for change. It feels like it is time to make a change.
Gift — Humanity
The energy that helps develop awareness through emotional suffering or the experience of new sensations.