30-41 The Channel of Recognition

When the energy of Ease (30) combines with the gift of Anticipation (41), your ability to anticipate situations that may bring new emotions and sensations is enhanced by your innate ability to view the process of having any new experience as a good opportunity. You are a born dreamer and were born to gain wisdom through the constant exploration of new experiences and the emotions that these experiences will bring you. The infinite expansion of the spectrum of sensation is the main thirst for life. But remember that no fulfilled wish or experience will bring peace. Learn to enjoy the process.
The Channel of Recognition
A Design of Focused Energy of Feelings
  • Projected Channel
  • The Collective Sensing Circuit
Gift — Lightness
The energy to recognise emotions and feelings leading to potential changes, new experiences or impressions.
Gift — Anticipation
The energy of action or retreat (sending/returning energy resources). The emotional energy of regrouping before the next action.