6/3 Profile - Role Model Martyr

This Profile is the last of the twelve. It closes one cycle and opens a new one for the first Profile 1/3. Thus, all Profiles are interconnected, and it will not be possible to leave the interconnection.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 2.45%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Transpersonal Profiles, it is Harmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 6/3:
An incorrigible optimist. More often than other people are faced with life challenges, but copes with them better than the owners of other Profiles.

Profile 6/3 in « a Not-Self State»:
Distances from others because of a sense of shame for their mistakes. He tries to hide from his own mistakes by denying his guilt. Due to the refusal to admit his mistakes, he does not believe in others and, as a result, tries any ways to get away from pain.

Such a person, from birth to death, searches for his ideal and strives for perfection. The 6th Line endows a person with objectivity and the ability to survey the whole picture. This endows a person of the 6th Line with special wisdom, even in his youth. Unconsciously, they are a model and an example, and depending on correctness, it can be an example in both good and bad.

A person with a 6/3 Profile is constantly in search of a balance between the earthly and the spiritual, between reality and perfection. Since childhood, he suffers from the fact that the world does not correspond to his lofty and noble ideas. He feels like a stranger on this planet and constantly thinks about what he is doing here and how to return "home".

This is at the level of the 6th Personality Line, and at the level of the Body, that is, unconsciously, such a person grows through risks and difficulties and constantly strives for this. The 3rd Line has an irresistible desire to walk along the edge of the abyss and, having received its share of adrenaline, return to the height of the 6th Line in order to comprehend what happened. Otherwise, a person with a 6/3 Profile is unbearably boring to live.

Despite endless (and sometimes very strange) experiments, a person with a 6/3 Profile really inspires confidence. But only if he lives his True Self correctly. In False Manifestation, he can become a Role Model, for example, in hypocrisy, and give advice and moral assessments that himself is not going to live by.

But in the True Self, living his nature, a Person with a 6/3 Profile can manifest a very beautiful and harmonious life process, which includes the inevitable search for the perfect and the beautiful through crises, difficulties and experiences full of risk and mischief.