2/5 Profile - Hermit Heretic

Another harmonious Profile is Profile 2/5. Here we are still dealing with the 2nd Line of Personality - the Hermit, who does not want to know about himself and on whose door, there is a sign "Do not disturb!"

Percentage of People with this Profile — 2.44%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Personal Profiles, it is Harmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 2/5:
A person who has the gift of seducing other people. It can surprise with out-of-the-box thinking and outlook on things and events.

Profile 2/5 in « a Not-Self State»:
Doesn't know about his paranoia. Behaves as if someone else's opinion of him does not matter to him, although the opposite is true. Because of his ostentatious arrogance, he is alienated, but he himself does not understand why.

This is the Line of Seduction. But the Profile 2/5 carrier has no idea that his Body is seducing - it happens unconsciously. Recall that we see only our conscious part, the Personality, and those around us for the most part perceive our unconscious part, the Body.

So, sometimes a person with a Profile 2/5 just communicates with someone, and at this moment his Body seduces. The interlocutors may perceive this as flirting or offering something more, although in fact such a context was not intended at all.

This Profile has its own dilemma: the Personality of the 2nd Line wants to hide, and the Body of the 5th Line seems to want to give something to others, attracts them. People are tempted and call the Personality (because the 2nd Personality needs to be called), but it does not understand what they want from it, and only dreams of being left, finally, alone.

In the life of the owners of this profile, the theme of projections is stronger than in any other. The 5th Line unconsciously attracts the attention of people, providing fertile ground for their expectations, and the 2nd is not created to be visible and does not want to communicate directly with the public.

It is very difficult to motivate such a person - person sees a catch in all sentences, and the density of projections often does not give a chance to unravel their tangle. Therefore, only they themselves are able to induce themselves to action, and if they learn to do this, they can achieve great success.

So, for a person with a Profile 2/5, it is extremely important to make sure that he acts out of his own interests, and not under the influence of others (and his own) projections and expectations. Independence from projections and self-projections opens up the gift of acting innocently, selflessly and simply (like a child). To do this, we recommend that you pay special attention to your Strategy and Authority.