4/1 Profile - Opportunist Investigator

People with a 4/1 Profile are quite rare. It is generally accepted that they came to our world with a clearly defined destiny. Therefore, the main rule for them is to stick to their own path, clearly follow the strategy of their Type and trust only Inner Authority to make decisions.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 2.43%.
This Profile is transitional between Personal and Transpersonal Profiles, it is Harmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 4/1:
An excellent teacher with a specific purpose in life and a "fixed" evolutionary challenge.

Profile 4/1 in « a Not-Self State»:
Feels not accepted by other people due to his lack of self-confidence. He tries to find recognition from others in order to feel confident, which only aggravates the situation. Doesn't use his talent for fear of facing resistance.

The nature of every 4/1 Profile holder requires acceptance and respect. These people tend to dwell on one thought and perceive new things in a negative way. If your partner is an Opportunist Explorer, don't even try to change him. Just let him be himself.

The 4/1 profile is rarely understood and appreciated. They are constantly trying to fix, change and make them more comfortable. In fact, Opportunist Researchers are vulnerable and simply defend themselves against the encroachments of the outside world in order to remain true to themselves. Self-esteem is essential for Profile 4/1.

The image through which Profile 4/1 manifests itself in life (like all others) consists of a conscious (Personality) and an unconscious role (Body). The body of the 1st Line Explorer is afraid of everything and needs a solid foundation. In order to gain confidence, it constantly digs, searches and investigates. And when a reliable foundation is found, then the Personality takes it and carries it into the world.

Having the right environment in which the Opportunist Investigator is understood and accepted is an indicator that the foundation found by the Body is correct. If such a person is rejected by others, remains incomprehensible and they try to remake him, then the grounds on the basis of which he acts are not reliable enough.

If you want to build a healthy relationship with Profile 4/1, become the person who accepts them for who they are. Don't try to make your own adjustments. As soon as the Opportunist Explorer feels that his self-expression is not in danger, he can build not only safe, but also surprisingly close and good relationships.

People with a 4/1 Profile express love in a language they understand - accepting your uniqueness. Of course, the relationship with the Opportunist Explorer can be difficult, but such a partner has a large and loving heart. If you can keep within the proposed framework, then the relationship will be modest, but at the same time very warm and cozy.