5/1 Profile - Heretic Investigator

Who do you think they ask for help in a difficult situation? Of course, a person with a 5th Line in Profile. He is literally a savior, he is distinguished by his practicality, he perfectly sees people, their problems, how and how they can be helped.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 14.27%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Transpersonal Profiles and is Inharmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 5/1:
A person "for others." Able to give practical solutions, be useful, show a different point of view on any issue.

Profile 5/1 in « a Not-Self State»:
Paranoid not sure of himself. He tries to mask this with active actions, which, in fact, only exacerbates the situation. The more insecurity is manifested, the more distant from others.

The 1st Line in the Body needs to stand firmly on its feet and be as confident as possible in everything it deals with: in people, relationships, projects, etc. And for this she needs to disassemble it all into atoms in order to find out how it works. If the 1st Line was able to study the subject (concept, idea, question) to the ground, then it gains confidence and can deal with it.

The global task of the 1st Line is to dig so deeply as to become competent in the issue under study. For if the foundation is not strong enough, then the other Lines will have nothing to build houses / projects / ideas / families / states on. After all, only homogenized, false truths can exist on a shaky foundation.

If you are trying to establish a relationship with a 1st Line person, remember that their basic need is safety. Only in safety does he open up and let others in. But while a person with 1st line is not sure, you need be prepared to wait, endure throwing and be the object of constant checks. This is the nature of the 1st Line and it is natural and healthy to doubt for it.