1/3 Profile - Investigator Martyr

The First Line is called the Explorer, and the Third Line is the Martyr (although we prefer the word Tester). So, a person with Profile 1/3 is a tireless Explorer of life and how everything works.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 14.6%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Personal Profiles, is Inharmonious in its structure

Profile Summary 1/3:
A person who gains confidence by learning from his own mistakes. Experimenter and skeptic.

Profile 1/3 in « a Not-Self State»:
Not confident in himself and ashamed of his mistakes. To feel confident, he tries to do his best. Because of this, he makes even more mistakes and feels even more insecure.

People of the First Personality Line tend to subtly feel a state of psychological discomfort, which is often called an inferiority complex. In fact, this is just a constant striving to get to the bottom and complete your search in order to go out into the world and give people complete knowledge - a deep, reliable foundation.

If a person with the 1st Personality Line makes a decision from Strategy and Authority to choose a hotel for rest, you can be sure that he will find the best possible option. He will study the entire Internet, all the possibilities that the market offers, consider apartments, villas, hotels and airbnb - he will look EVERYTHING!

He will do real research work (maybe even with tables, charts and graphs). And when the search is complete, the world will get a specialist for whom you can safely turn for advice on where to stay in southern Italy in mid-October.

And the theme of the 3rd Line Body is delusions, mistakes and the desire for new experiences. Having an inexhaustible desire to learn and dig everything very deep, he will constantly encounter things that cannot be trusted, which will be revealed as not working and wrong. But if a person acts out of his Strategy and Authority, these things will add up to useful experience and guide further search.

Sometimes such a Personality, being in the process of excavation, does not notice the action of the Body. Still, because 1/3 is the most self-immersed, self-centered Profile. That is, the Body of the 3rd Line has already entered into some kind of experience, heaped up things, and the 1st Line of Personality sometimes only needs to observe the results.

Thus, the people of Profile 1/3 are among the most useful for the development of humanity as a species. They are Researchers who, with their thirst for learning and their ability to get by with less error, are blazing new trails and creating truly robust concepts.