3/6 Profile - Martyr Role Model

A person with a 3/6 Profile came here to experience a variety of experiences, the diversity of which is difficult even to imagine. By making mistakes and constantly trying new things, he shares the received wisdom with others and demonstrates an example of a Role Model. But first, experience.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 2.22%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Personal Profiles, it is Harmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 3/6:
The person who is here to guide others. Gains wisdom through experimentation and mistakes.

Profile 3/6 in « a Not-Self State»:
Ashamed of his isolation from other people. He tries to fix this by chasing them and trying to be a model for them. Finds himself to be a negative example, which only increases his shame.

The life of such a person can be very difficult: the 3rd Personality Line leads a person to growth through difficulties, strives and thirsts for crises and new experiments. It is driven through life by the desire to walk along the edge of the abyss.

You can't sit out in hermitage like in Profile 6/2. There is no way not to go into experience - you can only learn to get high from the frantic rhythm of your life and try to survive until Saturn returns. If 3/6 managed to "go to the roof" around 30, you can breathe a sigh of relief - in a sense, they got a break.

It is extremely important for people on the 3rd Line to be independent. They do not want and physically do not know how to be under someone's control and constantly need new experiences and experiments. Therefore, it is highly recommended for them to have the opportunity to retire and rest from their partners from time to time (in another city or another room). If you want a strong relationship with a 3rd Line person, give him freedom, and he will gladly return to you again and again.

The 6th Line strives for perfection from birth to death. Perhaps his absence is the reason for her disappointment in the first period of her life and “going to the roof”. This Line endows a person with objectivity and the ability to see as from above, observing the whole picture. This gives a 6th Line person special wisdom even in his youth.

Even (especially) being unconscious, the 6th Line attracts attention and is a model and example. And depending on the correctness, it can be an example of both good and bad.

The life of a Profile 3/6 person can be an amazing adventure. This is a path full of collisions, mistakes, disappointments, and an understanding of what works in this world and what doesn't. But it is thanks to the experience of the 3rd Lines that a huge number of discoveries are made that are important for all mankind.