6/2 Profile - Role model Hermit

From birth to death, 6/2 sees more than others. The 6th Line endows a person with objectivity and the ability to see further, to survey the whole picture. This gives a 6th Line person special wisdom even in his youth.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 14.36%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Transpersonal Profiles and is Inharmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 6/2:
A person who is a role model for others, which is often surprised.

Profile 6/2 in « a Not-Self State»:
He disagrees with how others see him, believing that he is simply not understood. He takes a position of rejection of other people, which is perceived by them as arrogance and indifference. As a result, he feels even more misunderstood and isolated.

But this is at the level of the 6th Personality Line, and at the level of the Body, that is, unconsciously, such a person strives for solitude. In a company or at a party, he will choose a place in which it is convenient to observe what is happening, while remaining on the sidelines. For example, he can sit on a windowsill, a separate table, or, at the very least, choose a place at a common table, from which it will be easiest to retreat at a moment of excessive attention.

It is the Body of the 2nd Line that tries to avoid interaction with other people and unconsciously builds barriers and boundaries so that it will finally be left alone. People (especially children) with the 2nd Body Line are highly recommended to allocate a separate room, their space in which they can be alone with themselves.

The 2nd Line lives in its naturalness and is not at all interested in new information about itself or the world around it, it is literally closed to any new knowledge. Therefore, the problems of the 2nd Body Line can only be seen from the outside. In view of this, Profiles 5/2 and 6/2 are recommended to deliberately REGULARLY undergo examinations, sometimes even through effort, so that the specialist can see in them what they themselves do not want to notice or may notice already at extreme stages.

It is in Line 2 that others recognize something natural and wonderful. If we add to this the objectivity of the 6th Personality Line, then we get a very, very influential person: talented and credible.

This is a genetically noble Profile, but only if he lives his True Self correctly. In a False Manifestation, a person with a 6/2 Profile can become a Role Model, for example, in hypocrisy and give advice and moral assessments that he himself is not going to live by.

But in the True Self, living his nature, a person with a 6/2 Profile can manifest a very beautiful life process, including the inevitable search for the perfect and the beautiful, and being an impressive example of friendship, love and giftedness.