1/4 Profile - Investigator Opportunist

The First Line is called the Explorer, that is, a person with Profile 1/4 is a tireless Explorer of life and how everything works. The fear of instability and the need for reliable foundations force the 1st Line to study the world and disassemble it into atoms.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 2.3%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Personal Profiles, it is Harmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 1/4:
A person who needs loyal and devoted friends with whom he can share his hobbies, interests and discoveries.

Profile 1/4 in « a Not-Self State»:
When such a person tries to spread some of his truth, he often encounters resistance. From this, he becomes less and less confident in himself and gradually becomes isolated in his own world.

In the context of love and relationships, the insecurity of the 1st Line can be perplexing for the partner. But the fact is that uncertainty and doubts, in principle, constantly accompany any 1st Line, so you should not take it personally.

But from the side of the Body, the so-called friendly sexuality turns on. That is, in this case, the right partner can only be found through friendship. Therefore, for a person with Profile 1/4, it is vital to first make friends with someone, research this person, his qualities, and only then enter into a closer relationship with him (ideally through Strategy and Authority).

In this context, we can recommend that people with Profile 1/4 are generally more selective about the formation of a social circle - after all, it is from this that all your most significant connections and opportunities grow.

You also need to know that the 4th Lines are created to spread something: after all, they easily become overgrown with connections and willingly share everything they have with their environment. If the 4th Line in Personality infects others with ideas and concepts, then the 4th Line in the Body is actively spreading infections and diseases. Don't panic! From the point of view of evolution, this is even good, because group immunity is very useful for the development of civilization.

The 4th Lines in the Body make the immunity of others stronger and hard and prevent the recurrence of diseases: this way we have a chance, after having been ill, to strengthen our immune system and make it more resistant to such diseases. Here is such a non-trivial evolutionary task for 4!

Thus, the owners of Profile 1/4 can be described as disposed to communication of eternal explorers, whose wisdom is based on a deep study of what they are faced with. They need friends they can trust, and they need a partner who will accept their constant insecurities and doubts.