2/4 Profile - Hermit Opportunist

On the door of the person's room with Profile 2/4, there is a sign for life: "Do not disturb!" This is the influence of the 2nd Line: a hermit in the truest sense of the word. Conscious 2nd Line forces a person to build psychological and physical barriers around him and not to let anyone through them.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 14%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Personal Profiles, is Inharmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 2/4:
A person with a hidden talent for the time being. He takes care of his private life, in which others often see more than he would like to allow.

Profile 2/4 in « a Not-Self State»:
Doesn't know that not all people want to interact with him. He is always surprised when his society rejects or resists the point of view he is spreading. As a result, he gradually removes himself from others.

Friendliness is one of the keywords for Line 4, and humility is for Line 2. Therefore, a person with a Profile 2/4 desperately needs friendship, but at the same time is very selective in contacts and shy.

The 4th Line Body radiates a natural and inviting warmth and is here to shape and influence communities. All opportunities in life for the 4th Line come through a network of acquaintances: friends and their friends.

With the help of this network, 4th Line can solve complex life tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible (find a job, meet a future spouse) and business issues (find clients and employees, attract investors). Person skillfully builds trusting and long-term relationships with people that will definitely come in handy. The formula is simple: Contacts = opportunities, and opportunities = self-realization. All through our own!

So, 2/4 is a Profile that carries the potential of an incredible natural gift (2nd Line), which can bring something completely new and interesting into this world. But only another person from the circle of friends and acquaintances is able to reveal this gift (4th Line).