5/2 Profile - Heretic Hermit

The 5/2 profile is considered harmonious, but it contains a big paradox: the 5th Line of Personality has an innate need to influence, and the Body of the 2nd Line is not interested in the public and wants peace. The 2nd Line does not seek to interact with other people and will unconsciously move away, building barriers and boundaries.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 2.14%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Transpersonal Profiles, it is Harmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 5/2:
A person to whom heightened demands and expectations are always made.

Profile 5/2 in « a Not-Self State»:
He tries to behave in such a way as not to attract attention to himself, in the hope that he will be left alone. Out of fear, he tries to completely control his life, fencing off from the world in his personal space.

2nd Line is literally closed to any new knowledge. Therefore, the problems of the 2nd Body Line can only be seen from the outside. In view of this, Profiles 5/2 and 6/2 are recommended to consciously and REGULARLY undergo examinations, sometimes even through effort, so that the specialist can see in them what they themselves do not want to notice or may notice already at extreme stages.

At the level of the Body, that is, unconsciously, such a person seeks solitude. In a company or at a party, he will choose a place in which it is convenient to observe what is happening, while remaining on the sidelines.

For example, he can sit on a windowsill, a separate table, or, at the very least, choose a place at a common table, from which it will be easiest to retreat at a moment of excessive attention. Children with a 2nd Body Line are highly recommended to have a separate room - a safe space in which they can be alone with themselves.

The owner of Profile 5/2 can be described as a practical, charming and interesting person who desperately needs personal space and the ability to dose communication. This is a person with a gift, which can only be revealed by the one who will be let in for carefully built obstacles and fears. But if this happens, then you can be sure that with this talent he will "infect" everyone who is near.