4/6 Profile - Opportunist Role model

Unlike Profile 2/4, the person's door with Profile 4/6 is always open to others. You can call them at five in the morning, or ask for a large sum of money for a loan - almost certainly 4/6 to you!

Percentage of People with this Profile — 14.65%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Personal Profiles, is Inharmonious in its privilege.

Profile Summary 4/6:
An objective witness. Uses his experience and communication skills to teach and participate in others.

Profile 4/6 in « a Not-Self State»:
Adopts a strong concept of rejection to hide his deep fear of rejection. He rigidly masks his life and successfully masks his vulnerability, complicating the fine lines for other people, breaking through to meet his alienation.

The life cycle of any 6th Line is divided into 3 stages:

up to 30 years old

Such a person goes through a period of trial and error as the 3rd Line. Craving for something new, letting go of all the bad, disappointment in people and love, etc. - this is how a person gains the necessary experience, which most often leads to a desire to abstract from what is happening.

30 to 52 years old

By the age of 30, such a person “goes to the roof”, is removed. Usually, this "exit" is accompanied by the more severe shock (or a series of shocks), the more the person deviated from his path and correctness. Having passed the difficult stage of the transition, the 6th Line ceases to be an active participant in what is happening, becoming a more objective observer. This is a period of reflection on the experience accumulated over the first 30 years.

after 52 years

This period is called "descent from the roof". When the experience of the first 30 years has been comprehended and reworked, a person descends from the height of his objectivity and returns to people in order to show his best qualities. A person with the 6th Line becomes a real Role Model after 50. That is, life is just beginning!

The dilemma of Profile 4/6 is that it desperately needs other people and at the same time remains a Personal Profile (that is facing inward). Such people came to this world to realize themselves. And they can do it on their own, but all opportunities come to them from others.