3/5 Profile - Martyr Heretic

The Keyword for the Fifth Line is Heretic, for the third Line is Martyr, but we prefer the word Tester. The Heretic-Tester sounds much more interesting, don't you agree? 3/5 is a harmonious Profile for 6/2, but if 6/2 believes that the world is perfect, then 3/5 knows for sure that it is not.

Percentage of People with this Profile — 14.14%.
This Profile belongs to the group of Personal Profiles, is Inharmonious in its structure.

Profile Summary 3/5:
A born rebel, experimenter. An expert in making mistakes and getting into different (and not always pleasant) situations.

Profile 3/5 in « a Not-Self State»:
Ashamed of his paranoia. Attempts to correct his mistakes based on what others think. Adjusts to others out of guilt or rebellion.

In this Profile, the 5th Body Line unconsciously finds non-standard ways, seduces and involves. Other people constantly endow a person with their projections, and the 5th Line does not understand why and what exactly others want from.

It is the Line of Universalization and Practicality that makes things work. It takes something in space and makes it accessible and understandable for everyone. So the owners of the 5th Line in the Profile enrich the world - they put something at the service of humanity. This is the Line of the Savior and the Rescuer.

In addition, the theme of the 5th Line is infection. The person is extremely infectious when he demonstrates to the world what is sick with: it can be both infections in the literal sense of the word, and ideas and programs embedded in the Body, with which the person “infects” everyone who enters his aura.

The 5th Body Line seduces, but does it unconsciously. Recall that we see only our conscious part, the Personality, and those around us for the most part perceive our unconscious part, the Body. So, sometimes a person with Profile 3/5 simply communicates with someone, and at this moment his Body seduces. The interlocutor may perceive this as flirting or offering something more, although in fact such a context was not intended at all.

For 3/5 life without risk is boring, they love to walk on the edge, sometimes doing it out of pure curiosity and a childish desire to see what will happen. This is a rebel and a leader. True, this is a specific leadership that does not lead to where it is good, but from where it is bad. Considering the very material 3rd Line, 3/5 is perhaps the most business-oriented Profile.

In total, the owners of Profile 3/5 can be characterized as optimistic experimenters who can laugh at themselves and make the life of others much easier. They desperately need the opportunity to leave, slamming the door, but only in order to return later with a new mood and ideas. They adore everything new, unusual and non-standard and are able to bring amazing things into this world, built on the denial of old and non-working dogmas and rules.