The aspects of the rave chart, for which the conscious and unconscious Venus is "responsible", are the basis of a person's own morality. The Gate of Personality, activated by Venus, determines the standards for building the entire map of his consciousness. These standards correspond to morality, which a person considers acceptable specifically for himself. In the body, Venus is responsible for the standards of dealing with oneself on the physical plane, that is, for a person’s attitude to food, habitat, and the like.


Venus is the second planet from the Sun after Mercury. And this is the only planet in the solar system whose orbit is an almost perfect circle, and not an ellipse, like the rest. There is already a certain harmony in this. Therefore, in the rave chart, Venus is primarily associated with internal balance and harmony. Accordingly, it determines the harmony and balance in a person's relationship with society and other people.

Venus programs the foundations of our ethic and morality, which may go against the values of society. Forming our own ideas about what is right for us and what is not. It entitles you to an individuality that is determined by your conscience and not by religion or cultural traditions.

In Roman mythology, Venus (Aphrodite among the Greeks) is the goddess of beauty, carnal love, fertility and prosperity. Her character is contradictory, she simultaneously embodies physical attraction and chastity. She is characterized by both calmness and prudence, as well as frivolity and playfulness. Under the auspices of Venus are marriages, romantic relationships and business relationships. If relationships deprive you of inner freedom, you need to pay attention to the position of Venus in the rave chart. When this position is not lived, it leads to tension in the relationship.

Venus has a powerful influence on everything related to partnership. However, within Human Design, Venus activations are more representative of a person's spiritual values. These aspects determine the places where the boundary of moral concepts "good - bad" passes for a person.

They show what you rely on in matters of your own morality, and what motivates you to express feelings and emotions - both positive and negative - in relation to other people. Love, compassion, hostility - all these feelings you express under the influence of Venus activations.

At the same time, the Gate of Venus is a place of increased emotional vulnerability in Design and in the Personality of a person. The shadows of these aspects are the main reasons why we have the so-called "pangs of conscience."