Neptune defines areas of mysticism and spiritual development in our rave chart, as well as topics that take a person's consciousness into the world of illusions, dreams and conventions. In addition, he programs a Gate in a person, the energy of which indicates the development of his intuition or its absence. Design Neptune represents the depth of intergenerational continuity and expresses themes genetically inherited from our grandmothers.


The duration of the Neptune cycle is 165 years, so a person cannot feel the fullness of its impact during his life. This planet affects the whole generation section at once. The position of Neptune indicates where the nourishing force for our direction is located.

Neptune holds back this life force. This is necessary so that it is not wasted on some unimportant or unnecessary purposes. And this is not a punishment - this is our protection. Neptune helps us direct our resources into the world, realizing our personal destiny in accordance with the individual power that is present in each of us.

Neptune is sometimes called the "cap of invisibility": it is generally accepted that the activation that is in Neptune is either not felt by a person at all, or is perceived as something mystical. Even if this Gate is in the channel, and this energy is always present in you, you may not feel it, or consider it something illusory. Therefore, Neptune can be called a great teacher of acceptance. You need to accept that this energy is in you, and there is nothing mysterious and supernatural about it.

In traditional astrology, Neptune is associated with unhealthy addictions, but this is because astrologers have not had the experience of going through the full cycle of Neptune to more accurately determine its influence. Rather, Neptune brings fog that blocks the ability to see and makes it difficult to see anything. In the overall picture of consciousness, the Gate, activated by Neptune, is responsible for the processing of information that is not accurate enough. Here fantasies and a tendency to daydreaming unfold.

However, these same activations help to perceive spiritual information, which can also be characterized as fogs of knowledge. From the point of view of the material world, it is incomplete, fuzzy and very similar to the outlines of clouds and clouds of fog. At low frequencies, Neptune can be expressed as illusory dreams, phobias, addictions and mental illness associated with a violation of a person's perception of the reality around him.