The Sun is the pure expression of the masculine (Yang) energy and the most powerful source of our character programming. This is our main archetype. The sun is a life mask that we must realize through conscious action. The Sun of Design on a theme genetically inherited from the father. This energy carries an inner light that improves other people.

Summary The Sun

The Sun supplies us not only with energy in the form of heat and light, but also with a constant stream of neutrinos. 70% of the information we receive and program us comes from the Sun. Therefore, 70% of what we really are is embedded in the themes of the Gates activated by the Sun - both in the conscious and in the unconscious.

The Sun of Personality is our main activation, indicating the purpose for which we came to Earth. This is the main energy with which we manifest ourselves and condition this world. The Sun in Design is our main archetype, accessible to others. It is the window through which we radiate the true light of who we are destined to be.

The Sun and Earth are inextricably linked, just like the energies of Yin-Yang. The sun personifies the archetype of the Father, the Earth - the archetype of the Mother. The Sun and Earth are programming the four major activations that form our Incarnation Cross. And the lines in the Gates of the Sun and the Earth from the side of Personality and from the side of Design determine our Profile. Therefore, they have the greatest influence on the formation of our psychotype.

The manifestation of solar energy depends on where the Gate activated by the Sun is located - in a certain or in an indefinite Center:

If the Gate is activated by the Sun in a certain Center, then the quality that they carry in themselves will manifest itself in behavior constantly. The energy of this Gates is always present, it is fixed in its expression, and this gives you self-confidence.

If the Gate is activated by the Sun in an indefinite Center, your life mission will be influenced by current transits and those people who have this Center defined and with whom you are in close auric contact. This can negatively affect your self-esteem. But there is a plus in this - you can manifest yourself in different ways, discovering your own versatility for yourself and others.