In Human Design, the Moon represents the aspects that lead a person through life. It points to the qualities that give rise to a special "drive" in his soul and body, which creates a conditional "fuel" for his unconscious and conscious movement. The gate, activated by the Moon of Personality, defines a theme that captures and captivates us. The Gate of the Moon of Design expresses the quality by which we draw other people to us.


The Moon is a satellite of the Earth, that is, the celestial body closest to our planet. And it is the fastest of all physical objects that program neutrino flows. The Moon creates the Earth's gravitational field by controlling all the fluids on Earth, including the tides of the sea. Since the human body is 70% liquid, the Moon has a huge impact on the rhythms in the human body.

It sets our emotional background (mood), behavior and physical activity. All these aspects, as well as the intensity of their manifestation, directly depend on one or another phase of the lunar cycle and are also cyclical. In addition, the Moon influences our thoughts and the development of our consciousness. In our body, the Moon has a deep connection with the hormonal and nervous systems.

In classical astrology, the Moon is the archetype of the feminine. In mythology, It plays the role of the eldest Daughter, who is responsible to both parents - Father-Sun and Mother-Earth. The moon is able to take the place of the Father as the night source of light. It also makes possible the task of the Mother - to direct and develop the form, thus ensuring the evolution of our inner Self.

The influence of the Moon cannot be overestimated - it goes far beyond its influence on any gate in our rave chart. It is safe to say that humans are not completely solar beings. The sun rules us only during the day. And at night we get under the influence of the moon - in the dream-rave matrix we are lunar. At night, the Moon conditions sleeping people and all kinds of life on the planet.

In the Hologenetic Profile, the Moon of Design symbolizes the Sphere of Attraction, and along the Lines of the Red Moon, the theme of sexual Trauma can be traced. The energy of the Gene Key in the Design Moon subconsciously attracts other people into your life through whom you can open your heart to true love.