Pluto shows the inner Truth of a person hidden from prying eyes and his most secret thoughts. The Gate of the Personality, determined by Pluto, is connected with the theme of the inner Truth, in relation to which the consciousness of a person will be built. Man will seek this Truth throughout his life. Pluto in Design is responsible for the processes of inhalation and perception of reality.


Pluto is the most distant and slowest planet. Pluto acts heavily, slowly, but inevitably. Despite its relatively small size and huge distance from the Earth, it has a strong influence on our planet, bringing changes to entire generations.

Pluto is named after the Roman God of the underworld. Therefore, its energy is associated with all sorts of mysterious things hidden under a veil of secrecy - such as, for example, the human subconscious. It is no coincidence that the year of discovery of this planet coincided with the heyday of psychological science.

Pluto determines those qualities that are passed from one generation to another. That is, the full spectrum of this energy is revealed only after decades. And this means that each generation must "digest" the old unresolved topics that it inherited from previous generations, from grandparents. Pluto represents the old foundation upon which something new must be built. The key word here is transformation.

Pluto in the rave chart represents a rather specific energy. Many people do not feel it in themselves or say that the topic of this Gate is not close to them. But this is absolutely normal. The fact is that changes in this energy are very slow and last for years. Therefore, this aspect will always cause questions and misunderstanding among the owner of this activation.

In addition, the energy of Pluto is hidden in the depths of our subconscious. It determines a person's behavior alone with himself, his inner feelings, worldview, motivation for behavior and actions in relation to others.

Pluto is your innermost thoughts, inner philosophy, hidden attitudes and hidden goals. It shows the dark and light sides of your inner Truth, which you relentlessly follow. Pluto will tell you the whole truth about you - whatever it may be.