Mars activation of diseases on topics that determine human behavior in conflict and stressful situations, accompanied by an adrenaline rush. Mars is the personification of male energy, powerful, not "immature". Its uncontrolled release may seem to have negative and even devastating consequences - both for the person himself and for the people around him. Mars is the quality of our immaturity, that energy that cannot be relied upon. In the body of Mars, the planet symbolizes increased strength and is responsible for temperature regulation.


Mars is the fourth planet farthest from the Sun. Because of the reddish hue of the surface, Mars is often called the "red planet", and its satellites are named Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Horror). In astrology, Mars is responsible for the driving forces that help mobilize oneself in the face of danger. This is your "inner warrior", a competitive spirit that represents the heroic archetype. He loves to test your strength and courage, throwing various challenges.

In Human Design, Mars embodies the energy of immaturity. It is a mistake to assume that the term "immaturity" refers to the personality - it applies only to energy. Her manifestations are emotionally unstable and sometimes sweep away everything around. Yes, it's immature. But it is also a place of connection with our inner teenager. Expressing the activation in which you have Mars is very often childish. But you should not fight it and try to somehow change it - you just need to allow yourself to remain childishly naive in this area of your life.

In classical Roman mythology, Mars is the God of fertility and the ancestor of Rome, who was part of the triad of higher Gods. He was later identified with the Greek Ares and was considered the God of war. According to myths, Mars accepted sacrificial gifts before the battle, accompanied the warriors going to battle and appeared on the battlefield to raise their morale. The first month of spring, March, is named after Mars.

In understanding the energy that Mars activates in our rave chart, it is not Human Design that gives great depth, but the system of Gene Keys. In the Hologenetic Profile, the Red (unconscious) Mars Gene Key Line defines an innate Genetic Trauma that is inscribed initially in the genome of each person.

And the Line in black (conscious) Mars determines his Emotional reaction - it works automatically when a traumatic plot appears in his life. Emotional reaction is easier to track than Trauma, since it belongs to the conscious part of our psyche.

Knowing the topic that “hurts” you at an unconscious level, and your conscious reaction to it, you will be able to track this mechanism and in the future react to stressful situations much more calmly. Aspects of Mars sometimes appear as a conditional punishment for a person for violating morality in Venus activations.