The main purpose of Uranus is to create order out of chaos. Uranus reflects the unique talents, unique abilities of a person, his unusual worldview and other features of character and behavior. Uranus Personality sets the theme for the expression of individuality. He points to those non-standard qualities, the presence of which a person is perfectly aware of in himself. Design Uranus expresses those features that others can clearly notice in a person. Responsible for the coordination of body movements.


Uranus is a special planet that has a tremendous impact on our Design. In 1781, when Uranus was discovered, there was a basic shift - from people with seven chakras, we were transformed into people with nine centers.

The main thing that humanity has received as a result of this shift in the “cosmic clock” is an increase in life expectancy. Now, on average, it is 84 years, which corresponds to the cycle of Uranus. And this is a very important change, as it gives each of us the opportunity to walk our own mystical path and awaken to our true nature.

The position of Uranus in the rave chart represents that part of a person's Personality and Design that resonates with their future. The energy of the Gate that Uranus has identified can bring dramatic changes to your life, changes in the broadest sense of the word. Until the middle of the cycle of Uranus, there will be a clear desire for chaos in your life, focused on the theme of specific Gates, and starting from the middle of the cycle, Uranus will begin to streamline this chaos.

Astronomers are sure that Uranus falls outside the general rules, it is outside the norm. This is its originality, and this same quality is doubly built into our biochemistry. In Human Design, Uranus touches on themes of eccentricity. It simultaneously expresses the peculiar order that a person follows, and his chaotic actions, with which he tries to demonstrate his personal qualities. In this way, Uranus reminds you that you have the right to say or do something in your own way.

There is an expression: "We are born originals, but we die copies." The highest principle of Uranus is to follow your own path - regardless of what others think about it and how it affects them. It is the energy of Uranus in your rave chart that gives you the strength to live not someone else's, but your own life - unique and inimitable.