The Earth is the support of our Sun, the earth projection of our special purpose. Just as the Sun in the rave chart represents the Father archetype, so the Earth represents the Mother (Yin) archetype. The position of the Earth in the bodygraph shows the sharpness and unconscious manifestation, fundamentality and foundation of human life. Earth Position Design is the most touch. If a person turns to her for help, this means that he turns to his body. Design Earth represents a quality naturally inherited from matter.


On the rave mandala, the Earth is located opposite the Sun, and, in contrast to it, represents the physical plane and worldly matters. The opposition of the Sun and the Earth clearly shows that the Sun carries the theme of the individual radiance of each of us, and the Earth is the place where we find stability. A stream of neutrinos coming from the Sun is grounded through our bodies, and thus its energy is “translated” into the language of the Earth.
In Human Design, Earth is most often associated with the search for balance. The gate, activated by the Earth, determines the theme and ways in which a person "leans" in his daily life. These gates show the main tendencies in his behavior, with the help of which he finds balance. These are very important activations. After all, if we are stable, we can always withstand the blows of fate.

70% of a person's energy is in the activations of the Sun and the Earth, as they program the four main Hexagrams that form his Incarnation Cross. Therefore, it is the Sun and the Earth that have the greatest influence on the formation of your psychotype. And one more important point: if the energy of the Earth is at low frequencies, it is difficult for you to feel the connection with your Sun. Without support, it cannot "shine" in full force.

By looking at the position of the Earth in the bodygraph, we can clearly see if a person is firmly "grounded" or not:

If the Gate, activated by the Earth, is in a certain Center, you always feel stable and you feel that you have your feet firmly on the ground. If this theme is in order, you feel confident within your own body, and your whole life is in balance.

If the Gate is activated by the Earth in an indeterminate Center, your stability in life will only be a potential waiting to be realized. In order to feel stable, you will need transits and other people.
Everyone has a chance to understand what is needed for grounding - just look at the Gates (Hexagrams) activated by the Earth in our rave charts. It is quite possible that the Earth of Design is one of the most important aspects of our Incarnation Cross.