Saturn activations affect the nature of the limitations that a person recognizes as essential for himself, beyond which he should not go. One of the important aspects of Saturn is the process of development and maturation of the consciousness of the individual. The cycles of Saturn have a strong influence on changes in human behavior and attitude towards life. In the body, Saturn is associated with the processes of excretion of various fluids and waste products of the body.


Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the solar system. Its orbit defines the boundary beyond which are the so-called outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The cycle of Saturn lasts 29 and a half years.

When Uranus was discovered in 1781, there was a powerful shift - we moved from the Saturnian era to the era of Uranus, and Saturn lost its power in many ways. Previously, people lived through all their peaks and valleys in the first 30 years, and only a few survived until the end of the second cycle of Saturn. Now the life cycle of man is ruled by Uranus, whose revolution around the Sun takes 84 years.

In Human Design, Jupiter and Saturn are programming two energies in your rave chart, one of which (Jupiter) indicates to you the Law of your development of inner strength, which helps you realize your Incarnation Cross, and the second (Saturn) is a judge who checks compliance with this Law and punishes your painful life experience for apostasy from his postulates.

Saturn is named after the Roman God of agriculture, who was dethroned by Jupiter. In classical astronomy, Saturn was responsible for karma and was known as the planet of "great misfortune" (Mars was considered the planet of "small misfortune"). Loss, adversity, deprivation, loneliness, old age and death were associated with Saturn. Today, Saturn is perceived as a great teacher, the archetype of a wise old man, the voice of conscience. It represents the innate desire for order, predictability and security. Saturn is associated with a sense of duty and responsibility, forcing self-discipline and self-improvement.

Every time the Gate of Saturn theme shows up in your life in the form of complexities and difficulties, you may realize that you have broken your own law. Saturn will always punish you in the same place, both consciously and unconsciously.

Saturn is our teacher, harsh but fair. It always sounds the alarm. This is his most important modern role, to warn you when you deviate from your true mechanics. The energy of Saturn helps you develop, helps you mature. And it indicates the quality in which you are destined to become an authority for others, but this does not happen immediately.

“One of the most difficult periods in the life of any woman is the return of Saturn to the starting point, when this planet completes its first cycle through all 64 Hexagrams on the rave mandala. This event usually occurs around the time of the 30th birthday (29.6 years) and coincides with the period when the Sacred energy reaches the peak of its relentless activity. It is during this period that those women who do not have children begin to feel the desire to have them, and those who have them begin to want them not to be, and they could change their lives ... " Ra Uru Hu, The White Book of Ra.