Lunar Nodes

The Lunar Nodes are the structure that defines the "horizontal" of adolescents, dividing it into many heavy genders. The themes of the Lunar Nodes of arrival for export and arrival from outside energy, which, along with the participation of a person, play an important role in his life spectrum. The colors and tones of the Gates of Personality that belong in the Lunar Nodes are covered by the perception of the world. And the Colors and Tones of the Gates in the Lunar Nodes Design determines the most correct for your energy environment.


The Lunar Nodes are inherently something special. These are not physical bodies, but calculated points in space. The lunar nodes are the extreme points of intersection of the ellipses of the lunar and earth orbits. If the activations of the Incarnation Cross indicate why we are here, then the activations of the Lunar Nodes show for whom, for what environment we came to this world.

Since these are not material objects, the Lunar Nodes cannot program us with neutrino streams. Being a reflection of the geometric position of the Moon, they set the geometry of our movement through life - that is, what is commonly called "fate". Therefore, in the rave chart, the themes of the Lunar Nodes are not part of our own genetic characteristics, but serve as some kind of external landmarks that guide us along the path of life.

The Lunar Nodes show our trajectory - where we came from and where we are going. These topics are not about us, but about our environment. And first of all - about the people who come into our lives. Do not look for yourself in the activations of the Lunar Nodes. Lunar nodes are not about you. They are about what is outside.

The South Nodes define the key direction for movement in the first half of life, during the period of learning and becoming. The theme of this Gate will work constantly as an internal process, determining your early development. The experience gained here in adulthood will become the basis for your life wisdom. Upon reaching the age of 42, these aspects will recede into the “background”, and the topics of the North Nodes will dominate in your life.

The North Nodes are the compass of the second half of your life, their themes will determine the space around you, important situations and the most significant events in your destiny after 42 years. The gate, activated by the North Nodes, will show the path and direction to the manifestation of wisdom and will help to correctly integrate into life the knowledge that you have accumulated earlier.

The influence of the energies of those Gates, which are activated by the Nodes in the personal rave chart, has a different effect on each age segment of your life. One of the four Nodes always has a stronger influence, so about every 21 years your environment changes a little:

0-21 years - the direction is set by the South Node of Design (lower left)
21-42 years old - the direction is set by the South Node of Personality (lower right)
42-63 years - the direction is set by the North Node of Design (upper left)
63-84 years - the North Node of the Personality sets the direction (upper right)