Jupiter's activations in the rave chart determine the Inner Law of a person that he must follow in order to live up to his highest destiny. If a person lives his life violating this Law, he will bear the “punishment” for this. Where and in what way fate will punish a person in the event of a gross violation of this Law, the next planet, Saturn, will indicate. The Gate of Personality, activated by Jupiter, forms the rules that the consciousness of a person recognizes in communicating with the outside world. In the body, Jupiter is responsible for the aura.


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Its mass is four times the mass of all the other planets in the solar system combined. Jupiter has a huge impact on the Earth's magnetic field.

This gas giant is the second "supplier" of neutrino flows after the Sun, programming our consciousness. Short cycles of Jupiter (about 11 plus years) determine our external development and our relationships with other people, as well as with everything that exists.

The moral values that Venus sets for each person, Jupiter turns into his personal law. And each cycle of Jupiter makes changes to the system of personal values and internal rules, according to which we manifest ourselves in society.

The modern name of Jupiter comes from the name of the ancient Roman supreme deity (in Greek mythology, it corresponds to Zeus). Jupiter was also revered as the God of the sky, the lord of thunder and lightning. In classical astrology, Jupiter is responsible for development, generosity, optimism, travel, science, philosophy and religion. Jupiter is associated with the principle of expansion. In this It is the direct opposite of its antagonist Saturn, who embodies the principle of contraction.

Psychologically, Jupiter embodies the archetype of fatherly generosity, which is the origin of our self-confidence, the desire to develop physically, mentally and spiritually, the ability to open new horizons and accept life as it is.

In Human Design, Jupiter represents our own personal laws. This is a very important topic for you. Wherever Jupiter is in your rave chart, this is the Law that you must obey in your life. This is neither good nor bad for you - it just has to work exactly as it is written in your personal rave chart. And nothing else.

If you respect your inner Law, then Jupiter will reward you for it. Following it, you will be able to synchronize with your Destiny. This is your key to a harmonious and successful life.