Mercury activations in a rave chart always speak of themes that a person has to convey to this world - consciously and unconsciously. The gate in which this planet is located is associated with the ability to perceive and process information, and also shows the level of development of human communication skills in general. Mercury of Personality is the basis of the conscious expression of our thoughts to others, and Mercury of Design "gives out" information from the depths of our subconscious.


Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. The cycle of Mercury is 88 days, that is, it makes one circle around the Sun and returns to the same point of its orbit for the same period of time during which the Personality Crystal is programmed in a person - from the moment a person is incarnated on Earth until his actual birth.

Therefore, Mercury plays a special role in the rave chart. In fact, it shapes our consciousness when we are still in the womb. In this context, he can be considered the God of the mental plane. Simply put, Mercury determines how we perceive and process incoming information. In addition, it dictates what topics we seek to express to society and the people around us. The key word here is self-expression. In the body, Mercury is responsible for the strength and timbre of the voice.

The planet Mercury got its name in honor of the fleet-footed Roman messenger God, the messenger of other Gods. In any case, this mythology is connected with the transmission of information. According to the ancients, Mercury, which is closest to the Sun, has such a power of persuasion that the Sun itself listens to his words.

Mercury determines the quality of your social communication. From the side of the Personality, it represents the nature of your social interaction with others and forms your own style of communication. If the Mercury of Personality is located in the Throat Center, you constantly broadcast its theme aloud. If the Gate of Mercury is in the Sacral or in another Motor Center, this theme is expressed through your actions in relation to other people.

But Mercury from the perspective of the body (Design) is, first of all, the communication that takes place in your inner world. This is your personal way of taking incoming information and processing it internally. Gate energy in Design Mercury is expressed through the unconscious form, and sometimes you don't even notice how often you discuss this topic with others.