Splenic Authority

The Splenic Authority is endowed with physical awareness of the immune and lymphatic systems, and carries out the functions of survival and protection. Decisions with this kind of inner Authority are made spontaneously and only in the present moment. The spleen is very perceptive, but the main difficulty and challenge of its message is that these signals are not so easy to pick up.
  • 9% of the inhabitants of the Earth have such internal Authority
  • Third in terms of influence in the hierarchy of internal Authorities
  • Occurs only in splenic Projectors and Manifestors

How Should a Person with Such Authority Make Decisions?

To make decisions, you need to focus on the first reactions of the body, which manifest themselves in instinctive actions and in intuitive prompts. Feeling whether it will be healthy and safe for you. You need to be very attentive to hear the signals of the Spleen. It can be a sensation unlike any other: the stirring of hair, a jolt in the stomach, or a premonition. Or just a sense of danger, a desire to avoid, retreat or even run away.