Emotional Authority

Each Type has its own emotional version, which leaves its own individual imprint on its strategy. A particular Solar Plexus Center is always the primary Authority. The solar plexus is a motor that runs continuously in a wave of emotion and acute sensitivity.
  • 53% of the inhabitants of the Earth have such internal Authority
  • Is a priority in terms of influence in the hierarchy of internal Authorities
  • Happens to any Type except Mental Projector and Reflector

How Should a Person with Such Authority Make Decisions?

Being the most powerful motor, this Center carries the potential of emotional awareness. You don't just go up and down with an emotional wave, you can also be aware of your emotions. It is the combination of a powerful motor with awareness that gives it the ability to influence your decisions, filtering them for right and correctness. This means that you need to test your decision at different levels of your emotions: both in joy and in sadness. The hallmark of a correct decision is clarity, when both at the top of the wave and at the bottom you feel the same answer. The feeling that everything in this decision is correct.