No Inner Authority

The Mental Projector has no internal Authority as such. Rather, it can be called a way that will allow the Projector with the missing center of inner Authority to operate correctly in the field of recognition and distinguish between the mental "cling" of the mind from real clarity. Verbal communication is very important for the Metal Projector. At the same time, the most important are their own words, and not heard from outside.
No Inner Authority
  • This way of making a decision suit 2.2% of the inhabitants of the Earth
  • For Types who do not have a Decision Center in their rave card
  • This way of making decisions happens only with the Mental Projector

How Should a Person with Such Authority Make Decisions?

To make decisions, the Mental Projector mechanically needs the auric presence of another person. This is necessary to speak your question and its possible solution in the auras of different people. You can say out loud the possible options until you feel the harmony of the words regarding the decision in his body, somewhere between the navel and the sternum. The solution is already contained in what and how you say it. You just need to be able to hear it. “Hearing yourself” means to feel the resonance of expression and bodily sensations, or its absence.