Ego-Projected Authority

The Heart Center remains healthy and works correctly, making and keeping promises or proving the will power to achieve the intended goals. Being an internal Authority, the Heart Center reacts most actively to those processes that bring the greatest benefit to your Ego and correspond to its interests.
  • Only 0.5% of the inhabitants of the Earth have such internal Authority
  • Fourth in terms of influence in the hierarchy of internal Authorities
  • Happens only to classic (not mental) Projectors

How Should a Person with Such Authority Make Decisions?

This is a rare case when the personal interests of the Projector can be harmoniously combined with social interaction with the people who invited him. But despite this, the strategy of waiting for an invitation should always be a priority. The ego will only tell you how beneficial this or that invitation is for you and whether you should interact with the person who invited you. To avoid unnecessary stress on the heart, a Projector with Ego-Projected Authority needs to be careful and correct in commitments that require energy expenditure over a long period of time. There needs to be a balance between work and leisure.