Lunar Authority

The reflector is destined to be the one who reflects the mystery of life itself! And this is truly a miracle that is not available to any other Type. By experimenting with Lunar Cycles, the Reflector will eventually be able to better understand and master such an unusual decision-making mechanism. The key to this is Clarity. The feeling of Clarity cannot be confused with anything else. It is crystal clear confidence that the decision should be made in this way, and nothing else.
Lunar Authority
  • This way of making a decision is suitable for 1% of the inhabitants of the Earth
  • For Types who do not have a Decision Center in their rave card
  • Only the Reflector has this way of making decisions

How Should a Person with Such Authority Make Decisions?

Having formulated for yourself some question or dilemma, be patient. To gain Clarity, to feel it within yourself, you need the transit energy of all (or almost all) 64 Hexagrams that the Moon goes through in 28 days of its full cycle relative to the Earth. You may feel clarity about your question in a day, or you may not feel it at all. But your decision-making strategy does not change from this - to wait out the entire Lunar Cycle before putting anything into practice. If the cycle of the Moon has gone through all the Hexagrams and is completely over, and you still have not felt the clarity of the decision, postpone this decision for some time, if you have such an opportunity.