In the rave chart of the Reflector, all nine energy centers are not defined and are open to external conditioning. There are also no active Channels in its energetic mechanics. The Reflector's aura has special properties. Being very receptive on the inside, on the outside it is as if covered with a thin layer of ultra-strong nanomaterial.
Type prevalence:
1% of the total population of the Earth
Role and Tasks in Society:
Protect the energy of the environment and reflect its vibrations
Structure of your Aura:
Feeling others, covered with a thin protective layer
Exceptional Gift:
The ability to reflect and amplify the energy of transits
Reason for Resistance:
Conditioning influence of other people's energies
Markers of «Not-Self»:
Disappointment with life, their social status
Wisdom Strategy:
Co-tuning your mechanics with the Lunar Cycle
Award for Strategy:
Life is full of amazing discoveries and surprises
Correct Reflectors
  • Self-confident
  • Versatile
  • Extraordinary
  • Wise and judicious
  • Satisfied with life
Not-Self Reflectors
  • Suppressed
  • Insecure
  • imitating others
  • Hyperactive
  • Renounced of life

The False Self is a negative feeling (emotional state) or physical sensation that occurs every time you ignore your mechanics. When the Reflector does not live his nature and is not guided by the Lunar cycle, he is forced to adapt to life through the stereotypes and role models of other people imposed on him.

Knowing nothing about the strategy of his Type, he will constantly adapt to the circumstances, situations or worldview of people close to him, who from childhood push his mind to hold on to generally accepted norms of behavior. Unable to be himself, the Reflector will feel deeply disappointed with life and his social position.

All Types, without exception, experience the influence of the transits of celestial bodies. But it is the Reflectors who feel this influence as much as possible. The Reflector's strategy is to consciously translate the scenario of his life into living the transit program of the Lunar cycle, which lasts 28 days.

Guided by the Lunar cycle, you will stop identifying yourself with other people and try to fix yourself in their forms. You can use the mechanics that are obtained in your rave chart due to transit activations, and thus learn some new skills or skills for you.

Keep a close eye on the temporary activations of the Gate, which the Moon and other celestial bodies "include" in your chart! You can not only observe how these transitory energies determine your behavior, but also literally feel their influence on you at the level of sensations in the body! Having learned how to use his mutability correctly, the Reflector will truly be amazed at the possibilities that life itself will open before him.

Famous People with Reflector Energy Mechanics:
H. G. Wells
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Rudiger Dalke
Sandra Bullock
Richard Burton
Michael Jackson