The Manifestoor does not have a Sacred Center, and the Throat is always connected to one of the motors - the Heart Center, Root, or the Solar Plexus center. Such a configuration in the Manifestora rave chart makes the structure of his aura dense and repulsive, and also energetically enhances the Manifestoor's ability to influence other people.
Type prevalence:
9% of the total population of the Earth
Role and Tasks in Society:
Initiate new processes in society
Structure of your Aura:
Dense and closed to influence, repels others
Exceptional Gift:
Independence and proactiveness of action
Reason for Resistance:
Attempts to act in silence, manipulation of people
Markers of «Not-Self»:
Anger, anger, rage, irritability
Wisdom Strategy:
Communicate intentions before acting
Award for Strategy:
Social harmony and inner peace
Correct Manifestors
  • Proactive
  • Influential
  • Self-sufficient
  • Purposeful
  • Ambitious
Not-Self Manifestors
  • Tactless
  • Powerful
  • Arrogant
  • Self-confident
  • Cruel

The “False Self” is a negative feeling (emotional state) or physical sensation that occurs every time you ignore your mechanics. When you face resistance, it pisses you off and annoys you a lot. When you think that someone is trying to control your actions or limit your freedom of action, you get angry and feel angry.

The harder you treat people, the more often they will reject you because of your bad temper. The less often you inform others of your intentions, the more actively they will try to make you more predictable.

If a loved one resists you, your anger will openly splash out on him and destructively affect your relationship. When dealing with unfamiliar people, you will try to hide your emotions out of politeness. And it can have a devastating effect on your physical and mental health.

The Manifestor's strategy is surprisingly simple - communicate your intentions before initiating anything. This does not mean that you should ask permission or tell everyone about your plans. Simply notify those you are in auric contact with of your intentions.

Informing is the only way to remove unnecessary resistance and focus directly on the action you intend to take. Those whom you politely inform about the need to help you will involuntarily join your process and become your allies. If you inform others that you do not need help, they will not bother you and will stop asking you unnecessary questions, annoying inappropriate curiosity.

Once you start communicating your intentions, people will begin to trust you more, they will stop resisting your actions. In return, you will receive freedom for "maneuver", you will be able to fully manifest your strength and find the long-awaited inner peace. The key question for co-tuning the Manifesto with its nature is: "Who am I influencing here and now?"

Manifestoors are here in order to know the power of their influence on other people and learn how to correctly operate with this power. Living as a Manifesto for his Design gives him the opportunity to manage this power and use his talents with maximum efficiency. And following the Strategy of your Type and delegating the right to make decisions to the inner Authority will allow the Manifesto to find the long-awaited inner peace.

Famous People with Manifestor Energy Mechanics:
Vladimir Putin
Johnny Depp
Robert De Niro
Sophia Loren
Tom Cruise
Monica Bellucci