In the rave chart of the classic Generator, the Sacral Center is always defined, and the Motors-Centers do not have a direct connection with the Throat. This configuration of Centers and Channels makes the structure of your aura "soft" and enveloping other people when they are near you.
Type prevalence:
38% of the total population of the Earth
Role and Tasks in Society:
Invest energy in processes, acting from Response
Structure of your Aura:
Open and enveloping, attracts other people
Exceptional Gift:
Hard work, endurance and boundless enthusiasm
Reason for Resistance:
Attempts to initiate and invest energy from the mind
Markers of «Not-Self»:
Frustration, disappointment with the result of their actions
Wisdom Strategy:
Waiting for an external request to receive a Response
Award for Strategy:
Feelings of satisfaction for the efforts made
Correct Generators
  • Hooked
  • Hardworking
  • Energetic
  • Productive
  • Incredibly effective
Not-Self Generators
  • Disappointed
  • Suppressed
  • Overstrained
  • Physically worn out
  • Hyperactive

The “False Self” is a negative feeling (emotional state) or physical sensation that occurs every time you ignore your mechanics. For the Generator, this feeling is frustration. This feeling is the result of your attempts to invest energy in processes for which you have not received a positive response.

Your actions, which were dictated by the mind, will almost always lead you to incorrect results, causing a feeling of deep regret for wasted time and effort. At some point, you may even get the feeling that you are not living your life.

The Generator's strategy is to patiently wait for an external request to which it can respond. This is the only way you can get full access to the energy of your Sacral Center. And the sound of the Response you utter ("Aha", "Uh-huh" or "Nope ...") will always tell you what the result of your efforts will be.

The best thing for a Generator is to stop initiating processes yourself and switch your life to patient waiting. Your Aura, like a magnet, will itself attract the right people and the right questions.

Once you've received a response, you should wait a bit before entering the process. This expectation will help you gain the necessary clarity about the process you are about to enter.

An experiment with living your Design will help the Generator to realize his nature and learn how to properly use the mechanism of access to the energy of his Sacral. As a reward, you will receive a deep sense of satisfaction from your own Life and from any external process in which you invest your time, strength and your Energy.

Famous People with Generator Energy Mechanics:
Albert Einstein
Dalai Lama
Spiritual Leader
Bruce Willis
Dustin Hoffman
Julia Roberts