The Projector does not have a Sacred Center defined in the rave chart, and none of its motor centers has a direct connection to the Throat. Your Aura is a focused flow that is always directed towards the other person. Thanks to this configuration, you can energetically “read” the people around you and understand their intentions or capabilities.
Type prevalence:
20% of the total population of the Earth
Role and Tasks in Society:
To channel the energy of the Generators in the right direction
Structure of your Aura:
Focused, penetrating into the aura of other people
Exceptional Gift:
Ability to lead wisely and give valuable advice
Reason for Resistance:
Attempts to initiate social interactions
Markers of «Not-Self»:
Feelings of inner bitterness and resentment, anger
Wisdom Strategy:
Wait for invitations to social interaction
Award for Strategy:
State of success, personal growth, disclosure of gifts
Correct Projectors
  • Intellectually gifted
  • Kind and helpful
  • Demanded by others
  • Responsible and reliable
  • Inspired
Not-Self Projectors
  • Overly intrusive
  • Arrogant
  • Embittered
  • Cynical
  • Manipulating

The False Self is a negative feeling (emotional state) or physical sensation that occurs every time you ignore your mechanics. When trying to help another person on its own initiative, acting without being invited or asked for this help, the Projector will inevitably meet resistance from its side.

Instead of acknowledging your worth and grateful words, you will be faced with a reaction that will make you feel bitter inside. The more social activity an incorrect Projector initiates, the more resentment gnaws at other people and the whole world around him. Constantly experiencing a sense of inner bitterness, the Projector can go into deep social isolation.

The true purpose of the Projector is to care for the well-being of the Generator. You can get access to the energy of Generators only through mutual recognition of value and an invitation to enter their process. Therefore, the Projector's strategy comes down to patiently waiting for an invitation.

It's important for you to be noticed and invited to interact. Only in this way will you get correct access to the energy of another person. This applies to both simple everyday dialogue and more complex social communication.

Your personal fulfillment directly depends on the presence in your life of the right people for you, who sincerely recognize your value. But only a real invitation to energetically enter someone else's process will help you to reveal your Projection abilities and talents.

Practical experience of living by the Projectors of their Design confirms that an invitation from the right person comes exactly when he is in a state of expectation. By moving from invitation to invitation, you can transform your life into a journey of self-worth, true recognition, and success.

Famous People with Projector Energy Mechanics:
Leonardo DiCaprio
John F. Kennedy
Brad Pitt
Jodie Foster
Marilyn Monroe
Princess Diana
Public figure