Transit on 4 - 10 April

Transit on 4 - 10 April
Start at 22:05 GTM end at 01:18 GTM
<p>This is not a calm period, but it teaches you to be calm. If you <b>learn to carefully, unhurriedly and gently penetrate into the very essence of situations, people and things</b>, you will literally be able to control them and adapt to any circumstances. After all, you can achieve your goal gently — without imposing your will, but by moving forward systematically, finding the right entrances, exits, and people to guide you through them.</p><p><b>Be patient, humble, and kind, and everything will come to you on its own.</b> If what is happening is destroying everything you have been building for a long time (which is very possible), then let it be. Give thanks that life is removing the superfluous from your life and making room for something truly valuable and joyful. <b>Let go and accept</b>, even if something shocks you. Keep in mind that this upheaval will pass quickly, and maintain your cool. Wishing you patience and wisdom on your journey to your true goal!</p>
What Helps:
Trusting your intuition, being flexible in your thinking, seeing the big picture of what is going on, channelling negative energy and fears into creativity.
What Hinders:
Anxiety about the future, haste and hustle, panic caused by insecurity, competitiveness with others, excessive responsibility, ostentatious fearlessness.