Transit on 6 - 12 July

Transit on 6 - 12 July
Start at 05:29 GTM end at 03:01 GTM
<p>The next six days teach a gradual, gentle approach to achieving the goal. Leave invasive plans, haste and initiative for later. If you <b>learn to look around you and wait for the right moment</b>, a sign or a call to action, it will surely come.</p><p>Slow but sure movement towards your goal during this period will lead you to success or whatever you are aiming for. Rely on the support of your loved ones and provide it yourself, change, get to know yourself, do not be intrusive and rely on your own inner resources. During this period, <b>you can achieve a very deep understanding of things</b>, people, events and even the whole world. Be receptive, gentle and pleasant — it is possible that you will discover many new things within yourself.</p>
What Helps:
Expansion, meaningful development, trusting others, caring.
What Hinders:
Immaturity, inability to finish what one started, obsession, greed.