Transit on 20 - 26 May

Transit on 20 - 26 May
Start at 04:07 GTM end at 00:36 GTM
<p>While everything around you will be changing and happening on its own, your main task is <b>to become a crystal clear and calm pond</b>. Then, in the quiet water surface, truly valuable and profound things can be reflected that are simply impossible to observe while running around.</p><p>Have patience, self-confidence, tune in to the outside world, and observe - rest assured that everything you need will come to you, provided you know what you need. This is an <b>excellent time to let go of preconceived notions</b> and see the world through the eyes of a child. Perhaps then you will be able to see the magic where you previously did not want to look.</p>
What Helps:
Observing, listening to one's own body's signals and surrendering to life itself without any expectations.
What Hinders:
Forcing events and anxiety about the past or future.