The Role of Projectors in the Evolutionary Process
28 May 2024

The Role of Projectors in the Evolutionary Process

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The Role of Projectors in the Evolutionary Process

In one of his lectures, Ra discussed the role of Projectors in evolution, as well as the challenges that arise during the process. We would like to give you a quote fr om this lecture.

Projectors will have a direct impact on the future direction of humanity. So far, it may be difficult to see their true evolutionary task, but this is only because their main task will manifest after 2027: they will carry the frequency of the Cross of Planning and connect people in order to collaborate and survive.

When we all move together into the next era, there will be no more organised control over humanity. We will not have the social institutions and guarantees that we are used to. There will be no such trust. No one else will be responsible for maintaining the frequency that we are currently accustomed to. There will no longer be anything left in people that says: "We are all brothers, and we are here to move together and help our planet."

In such circumstances, people will seek ways to fulfil their full potential based on their Inner Authority. At the same time, they will require forces that can demonstrate how to continue working and living together. These forces will be Projectors. They came to this world to serve as guides.

In the future, the direction we take to maintain some level of interaction will be directly related to the existence of Projectors. Because no one else will be able to manage it. Everyone will be on their own and for themselves. That is why it is critical to learn as early as possible how to make decisions based on one's Inner Authority; this will allow one to continue on one's chosen path in the future regardless of circumstances.

Projectors have the right to be successful. After all, it is their Signature. However, they cannot be successful unless they are fundamentally Projectors. If they do not wait for recognition and invitations now, they will have a difficult time doing so later. Because in the future, people will have no idea what to do or how to do things together. There must be forces capable of guiding them. And that is precisely what the Projector is about.

As early as today, Projectors are responsible for recognising what the Generator is capable of doing. For example, consider a Generator with Sacral Inner Authority. What will they do when the background frequency emits: "You are out here alone, all by yourself"? After all, they do not know what to do until they have something they can respond to. However, there will be a large number of people present who, in general, will not care about anyone else. Everyone will be "stewing” on their own trip.

This is wh ere the Projector will be needed, as a conductor and guide. Today, it is probably difficult to understand the significance of representatives of this Type to humanity as a whole, because our world appears to be one of Manifestors who lead others. The fact is that the basic frequency is still in effect and it does not appear to us that direction is something absolutely necessary because we live in a world in which each person delegated authority to a variety of forces that dictate how their lives should unfold. For example, to their family, school, country, etc.

However, the Projectors have an extraordinary evolutionary role, which is to support our evolutionary direction. Projectors are already doing this by determining the best way to apply energy.

This returns us to the essence of what it means to be a Projector. They are here to channel energy. Because the new era's background frequency will destroy the life force of all social institutions that maintain order in the Cross of Planning, and they will all decay over several decades, there will be no one around to whom authority can be transferred. Furthermore, if there are no Projectors in such an environment, the energy will not flow properly.

So, our common task is to provide Projectors with a thorough understanding of their evolutionary role over the next few decades. This is critical to ensuring that there are enough 'real' Projectors available, i.e. those who can operate correctly and fulfil their roles because they have been recognised for doing so.  

If you are a Projector but do not recognise it in yourself or live it out, you will not receive recognition from others. Projectors are here to serve as priests and priestesses of the energy flow.

Ra said: “It goes back to Projectors being prepared, which means they have to have intellectually whatever that thing is, that thing that they focus on and master so that they can be recognized for what that is and to understand that as a natural fractal, every single Projector has those beings that are waiting there in their lives for guidance. They’re waiting to be guided. It is important for them to understand that the natural fractal of each individual Projector includes those who are waiting for it in their lives to receive direction and guidance.” Now, you can’t push that river and go tell them. You have to wait for those invitations […] When the Manifestor steps into the next stage in the next age, you won’t see them anymore. They’ll be off on their own trip. And, in general, they will abandon the Generators with all their affairs, because this is the final phase of their line, their history.”

The only force capable of organising humanity in the new era (and we are talking about organisation at the most fundamental level affecting survival) will be the Projector's innate ability to give direction and guidance to a group.

A Projector who does not function as a Projector in its purest form will never gain recognition and will be unable to meet those who will require their assistance and guidance. They will simply be lost as a Projector. Then chaos will ensue. Now is the time to discover who you are and begin the experiment of living your Projector life.