Movement Trajectory for Each Type
6 March 2024

Movement Trajectory for Each Type

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Movement Trajectory for Each Type

There are four Types of people in Human Design: Generators, Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors. Each of them has its own distinct mechanics and follows a specific trajectory. One could say that life itself guides people of different types according to certain rules and in a specific direction.Every individual is born with a built-in "navigation system" consisting of Strategy and Inner Authority. We can live our lives correctly if we abide by them. However, there are challenges on this path, and they come through our Not-Self.

Energy mechanics subjects the trajectory of a person's movement along their life path to specific laws and rules. The correct movement trajectory is a method of loosening the mind's grip and control over your life in order to correctly engage in the experiment with strategy. The trajectory also defines rules for your mechanics in order to correctly enter global energy processes. It describes the mechanics of entering a process and moving through it, as well as how to properly exit one process to move on to the next one.

The Manifestors’ movement trajectory is from problem to problem

Manifestors are initiators. Their energetic abilities enable them to deal with situations involving a lot of controversy and unclear points. In such cases, they solve the problem quickly and emphatically. Manifestors are generally unconcerned with "subtle matters". They can enter a rather complex and risky situation and solve it by removing the problem, even if they lack adequate input data.

The Manifestor follows the "from problem to problem" path. When one is solved, they move on to the next. The Manifestor should learn how to inform others in order to reduce people’s resistance to their actions.

People around the Manifestor should remember that the Manifestor is not supposed to be empathetic or overly understanding. Manifestors' partners often criticise them for this: “You do not even care how I feel!”. In a sense, this is correct because the Manifestor's attention is not focused on the individual. The Manifestor is focused on problems, or rather, is looking for ways to solve them so that they can make changes to a larger system.

The Generators' movement trajectory is from receiving one Response to receiving the next

Generators make up the largest segment of the population. These people should wait for a response before getting involved in a process. They are not designed to deal with resistance from the environment. They are energetic, but their "charge" is insufficient to get through difficult situations and major problems.

Generators move from moment to moment, fulfilling or refusing to fulfil the demands made by the current moment. However, unlike Manifestors, they are not designed to deal with problems. If a problem causes resistance, it indicates that the Generator is unable to deal with it due to its energetic and structural complexity. They are simply not designed to move along the path of overcoming obstacles from the external environment.

The Generator needs to move step by step: this is a "yes", and this is a "no". There should not be too much of everything at once, nor should there be conflicting data or a large number of facts to consider. The variability of the Sacral Centre's responses is very small; the response is either present or not.

Generators, take note: if you encounter a problem, you probably do not need to solve it. Keep in mind that other people can use you for months, if not years, constantly assigning you new tasks to complete. If you have a response at that moment, you may act. If there is no response, you should wait for the next moment. Sometimes the Generator reacts after something has already begun to happen, in other words, they become involved in an action to which a response has been received not immediately, but after life has already established a precedent.

The Projectors’ movement trajectory is in a sequential progression from one person (invitation) to the next

Projectors are designed to communicate with life through other people. Whereas life demands action from Manifestors and speaks to them in the "language of action," Projectors, on the other hand, are required to be completely inactive for some time, because the Projector's correct movement only allows for useful interaction with other people and new life situations after they have been invited into them.

The Projector moves from person to person, being well aware of the person’s energy resource and reading it. Their path is always based on even collaboration with Generators. The preferred communication for the Projector is one-on-one. This is necessary so that they can fully focus on the person.

It is believed that Projectors make good managers or advisers. This is partially true because, when attempting to solve a problem, the Projector considers the people involved. If the Projector knows and feels these people, they will easily calculate the outcome of the situation (which frequently leads to the Projector's sense of superiority in the "Not-Self"). In fact, the Projector's primary value in to ask the Generator the appropriate question at the right time.

The Projector's focus should be on other people rather than problems. They do not need to deal with life on their own. It is important to wait until the right time to ask the Generator the question, "Do you want to do this?" and, as a result, properly guide them.

The Reflectors’ movement trajectory is from place to place

Reflectors are people for whom the place they are in is of huge importance, because it is the place that determines for the Reflector the "quality" of the people around them.

In life, the Reflector moves from place to place. Their process is impersonal. At the same time, they themselves should also remember that it is the place, the environment that should be their top priority. The place is more significant than the people in that place, because the output of the Reflector's work is to "identify" people who do not “fit in” in this place.

What happens next between the Reflector and such a person is determined by the place in question and the Reflector's awareness of their Design. In general, there are two ways in which events could proceed: The Reflector "nurtures and cherishes" each person's individuality, for example: "You are so special, different from everyone else, and this is great!". In contrast, the Reflector may combat dissension by saying things like, "Change and become like everyone else!".

Reflectors' impersonal and changeable nature can lead to them being someone they are not. For example, some Reflectors provide feedback on the quality of other people's energy as if they were Projectors.

As we can see, each Type has its own distinct movement trajectory. Generators respond to one task at a time. Projectors understand other people, but do not solve problems. In contrast, Manifestors solve problems rather than responding to current demands or understanding people. Reflectors, on the other hand, shield the environment from undesirable individuals and keep the place safe from them.