Four important steps for your Experiment.
3 August 2019

Four important steps for your Experiment.

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Four important steps for your Experiment.

If you are reading this text, then you probably have already been a little interested in your Design, calculated your rave card and even found out who you are: a Generator, a Projector, a Manifestor or maybe even a rare Reflector?

But then many newcomers have a question: what to do with this information next? There are four important points from which to start the Experiment of living your Design.

They are as follows:

  1. Follow the Strategy of your Type
  2. Make decisions with the help of Internal Authority
  3. Use energy according to the mechanics of your Type
  4. Try to rest and sleep in your Aura

These are the most basic, the most basic and the most profound actions that you can perform in order to taste the Experiment - that is, try to live by your own Design for a while.

We are sure you will notice the changes on the second day of such an experience. But don't take our word for it! Measure out, for example, a month, start a diary and, like real scientists, explore these four points.

At the end of this month, you can decide what to do with the Design next – to continue the experiment indefinitely, get expert advice, or forget about it and live as before.

Follow the Strategy of your Type.

When we talk about the Strategy, we mean a certain model of behavior that removes unnecessary resistance from your life and promotes the disclosure of your inner potential. This is a universal rule for you to perform actions with maximum efficiency and impact. Ra liked to repeat:

«The strategy for each Type, in fact, always comes down to the same thing - waiting for the right moment...»

Any of your actions or actions that were based on the right strategy for you will support the process of your becoming yourself. How do you learn to follow it?

What does Strategy mean for a Manifestor?

To wait for clarity of the desire to initiate and inform from their actions those people who are affected by it.

This may sound heretical, but the Manifestor also needs to wait. Wait until the energy for action matures.

Only when the Manifestor knows for sure that «Does he need it?», he can move mountains. Otherwise, it turns out the most powerful Type, who is not aware of his influence.

Who do you want to be: an elephant in a Сhina shop or an elegant ninja warrior? The Manifestor's adherence to his Strategy is necessarily rewarded by society and he finds a long-awaited Peace in his life.

What does a Strategy mean for a Generator (a Manifesting Generator)?

Wait for a suitable request (question) - something to which you can respond (or not) and not initiate.

You can go from the opposite: «So! I'm going to initiate now!»

And try to check what will happen to you if you start acting without a response. How quickly will your frustration begin? How powerful will it be?

This is an experiment, so why don't you live through all the possible extremes and find out what will happen if you stay in bed in the morning until someone asks you «Hey, are you going to work today?». And for example not to go...

To make it clearer, the response may be an inner sense of confidence or a sense of the view: I have the energy for it! I feel inside that it's mine! I quite unexpectedly made a sound of «Uh-huh!» or «Aha!» and immediately realized that I really wanted this, etc.

What does Strategy mean for a Projector?

Wait until you are recognized and called (invited) and not initiate!

The personal realization of a Projector largely depends on the presence in his life of the right people who can correctly recognize his capabilities and invite the Projector into a truly useful process or relationship for him.

Stop attracting attention to yourself! Keep an eye on it. And watch who invited you and where, how your environment has changed, how you feel with those who invited you.

Stop writing to everyone and calling first! Let the initiative in communication and interaction during the experiment come from another person, not from you. And keep your valuable opinions on any occasion for the duration of the Experiment to yourself as well.

The Projector's adherence to its Strategy is necessarily rewarded by society and allows you to receive the long-awaited Recognition of your merits from others.

What does Strategy mean for a Reflector?

Wait until the full lunar cycle has passed (28 days) and do not initiate.

Study the Design and track the Transit Weather! Observe the influence that certain Gates have on you. Which Transits fill you with emotions, and which ones with willpower?

You can also try to stop striving to become someone. Reflectors are mystical creatures! And it is important for you, like no other Type, to get rid of the obsessive desire to be someone else.

Then you can finally be yourself! Try all these 28 days, for which you postpone the solution of a certain issue, to reflect and talk about it, as well as discuss with your loved ones and compare different solutions among themselves. Time will definitely give you the right perspective and depth of understanding.