The Strategy to Respond in Human Design
29 January 2024

The Strategy to Respond in Human Design

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The Strategy to Respond in Human Design


If you have had at least a little interest in Design, you have probably come across the concept of Strategy in Human Design - a decision-making system that is unique to each Type.

Following your Strategy is the most important rule in Human Design for those who want to experiment with their Design and understand their uniqueness. Today we will discuss what strategies are and will focus on one of them in particular - the most common strategy in Human Design - wait to respond.

The Role and Types of Strategies in Human Design

Strategy, along with decision making fr om inner Authority, correct leisure, properly organised activity and a few other fundamentals, plays a tremendous role in Human Design.

It is virtually impossible to pretend to be correct while failing to follow it. The fact is that each of us has our own and the only correct way of making decisions. It is the Strategy that allows a person to discover their true Self by groping for it, and then, once on their own path, to take responsibility for themselves and not give up despite all the obstacles the mind will build, despite anxiety, worries, and other distractions.

There are four Types of people. As a result, each has its own Strategy in Human Design:

  • If you are a Generator, the Strategy for you is to wait for something or someone to trigger a response in you rather than initiating it yourself.

  • If you are a Manifestor, you must notify those who will be impacted by your subsequent actions.

  • If you are a Projector, your Strategy is to wait as well, but not to wait in order to respond, as the Generator does, but to wait for recognition of your abilities and an invitation to interact.

  • If you are a Reflector, you must also wait and refrain from initiating on your own until the lunar cycle has passed and clarity has arrived.

So, depending on which Type of person you are, your Strategy in Human Design will be different. It turns out that it is inextricably linked with the aura.

For example, the Generator's aura is Open and enveloping, attracting other people. It absorbs everything around it, which is why the Generator seeks to expand and grow. By attempting to absorb as much as possible, the Generator expands and gains the ability to create something new. It is as if they are reproducing themselves, growing in size through their work and activities. In Human Design, the Generator has the Strategy to respond, and it is an extremely important tool, because if the Generator lives in a world that responds to them, they are able to create. If they do not live out of response, they will experience frustration and disease.

The auras of the other Types are all linked to Strategy in the same way. For example, the Projector’s aura penetrates the auras of others. However, the Projector can only reach their full potential if they have followed their Strategy and waited for an invitation. Otherwise, they are rejected as an uninvited guest for such unauthorised entry.

The Generator's Strategy in Human Design

Today, we will take a closer look at the Strategy to Respond in Human Design that belongs to Generators and Manifesting Generators. To get a good understanding of how to act within this Strategy, it is worth talking about what the Generator’s response is.

Response is a pure mechanical reply, an unconscious reaction that occurs in the Generator’s body in response to a direct request from the outside. The response indicates the availability of energy in the body to perform a specific action at the current time. It establishes the limits of the Generator's accessibility to those around them.

In order for the Generator to access their energy and power, they must be asked a direct question (implying a clear yes or no answer) to which their Sacral Centre can respond (or remain closed if the energy is not available at the time). The sacral response is manifested through the sounds produced by the Generator. It could be something like "uh-huh" if there is a response or "nah-ha" if there is not. These sounds are not indicative of awareness. This is simply a result of the resonance that occurs in response to the question. It is a mechanical process, a manifestation of energy that has been given the opportunity to come out.

There is another important point that relates to the Strategy to Respond in Human Design. The moment the Generator is asked a question, the response occurs immediately. If it did not happen spontaneously, there is a pause, a hesitation. The Generator's mind activates and begins to form a logical response. In reality, it could sound like “umm…” or “err…”. This means that any subsequent answer will be incorrect. Therefore, when you hear sounds like this, you can safely assume that a "no" response has been received (just as silence is a "no" response).

The Generator should never initiate on their own and should always rely on the presence or absence of a response. If you are a Generator (pure or Manifesting), try to recall a place in your body that you feel better than others. This could be the breast or navel area, for example. If you receive a direct request and a response occurs within you, you feel relaxed in this place. If there is no response (and thus no energy to the proposal), it tenses and appears to close. If you have to begin an activity without a response, you are likely to feel resentment and resistance. These are your body's reactions to the fact that you are not following the specified Human Design Strategy to respond and are attempting to take energy it does not have.

How does the Strategy to respond work in Human Design for the people around the Generator? It causes others to act in a certain way, or, more specifically, the Generator’s aura encourages others to ask them questions to which they will be able to respond. This is true, however, only when others are aware of their Human Design Strategy and the Generator's Strategy.

Challenges in Applying the Strategy to Respond

Life resumes for Generators with each response because it advances them along the path of perfecting their own uniqueness. However, many people struggle to recognise the response and frequently miss it. Some people even mistake the voice of the mind for a response.

However, problems may arise until the Generator learns to distinguish between the response and the voice of the mind. The mind clings to power, and many Generators begin to act, only to become frustrated and think: "How could this have happened? I did act through a response." It is important to remember that the mind is very skilled at its tricks, and it is very easy to believe them. Therefore, any Generator has to learn how to clearly hear the response in order to be able to follow their Strategy in Human Design. It is not as difficult as it appears at first glance. Especially since once you understand what a response is, it is difficult to confuse it with anything else in the future.

In Human Design, the strategy to respond and not to initiate is frequently misunderstood as a "do nothing" strategy. The Generators then naturally ask themselves: "Is that even possible?” How can a person who is a "battery" just sit and wait and do nothing? Why cannot one call a friend and invite them over for a cup of coffee?

The fact is that some take this issue literally and interpret non-initiation as absolute "doing nothing”. Not initiating for these people means sitting back on the couch and waiting to be asked.

We admit that such a stance may work for some, but not for the majority of people who are concerned with solving everyday issues. A modern person's life is in full swing, with almost no time for relaxation. People work, form personal relationships, engage in leisure activities, and interact with friends, and it is impossible to imagine all of this occurring without some sort of initiation.

In Human Design, the Generator’s Strategy to respond and not initiate implies not doing what the mind and the false Self in your undefined Centres demand. Simply "doing nothing" is not that difficult. It can be much harder not to take initiative wh ere you are undefined.

Following your Strategy in Human Design is the most important condition of the experiment. After all, if a Generator is simply told that they are a Generator without being told how to respond or how to feel the response, they will be unable to enter the experiment and will be under the illusion of the experiment.

Next, we will make some suggestions regarding the strategy of waiting to respond in Human Design.

Suggestions for Using the Strategy to Respond

The result of following the Strategy in Human Design for the Generator (or Manifesting Generator) will be satisfaction, joy from the work done, actions performed, conversations and simply from the energy used. Otherwise, there will be destruction, disappointment, and frustration.

We will make some suggestions for Generators to avoid mistaking what the mind dictates for a response:

  1. Accept the fact that you must clear your mind of images of what your life should be like. In Human Design, the strategy to respond entails waiting for nature to manifest itself in your life in the form of a request, to which you will undoubtedly feel a response. This is the only way to gain complete access to your Sacral Centre's energy.

  2. An action without a response is perceived as a huge impediment by you, causing a powerful resistance in your body and severely affecting your mood. If what you are doing right now is causing you to feel these emotions, consider whether you are wasting your energy.

  3. If there is a response, your fear fades into the background without any mental effort. The energy literally strives to come out, which pushes away any fears. The response transforms you into a kind of “superhero”.

  4. If waiting for a response becomes too difficult, consider how you feel when you start acting without it. Or, right now, try something that triggers your inner "I don't want to" response. You will see how quickly frustration will come to you and how powerful it will be.

  5. Remember that when you act out of response, your energy will always be replenished. If you feel like you are running out of energy and becoming irritated and angry, this is the first sign that you are on the wrong track.

  6. Be wary; it may be easy for others to persuade you to do something because it is "the right thing to do" or "everyone else does it." This is a trap.  Generators are particularly vulnerable to manipulation by Projectors.

  7. If you have a defined Solar Plexus Centre, then in addition to the strategy of responding in terms of Human Design, it is important for you to hear the question several times, as your response is conditioned by the point of the emotional wave you are currently on.

  8. A sacral session will assist you if you are still having difficulty feeling a response. Find a partner - someone who is already knowledgeable about Human Design (ideally a Projector) and ask them to ask you direct questions, so that you can respond. It can provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Following the Strategy to respond in Human Design will help the Generator become aware of their nature and allow them to learn how to spend their own energy correctly. After all, while it may appear to be infinite, it is not. If one lives by "shoulds" rather than "wants," it will quickly run out and cause severe frustration in the Generator. If however, one follows one's Strategy, one can experience a profound sense of fulfilment in one's own life as well as in any external process in which one invests one's time, effort and energy.


Any person must be guided by the Strategy of their Type - the model of behaviour that is correct for them - in order to normalise the work of their energetic mechanics. They will be able to achieve a special state of harmony within themselves if they follow the Strategy.

Strive to follow your Strategy also in order to normalise your relationships with loved ones and easily overcome any life challenges. Interactions between people who live out their Design correctly can be very beautiful, but if people ignore the Strategy of this science and make decisions based solely on their minds, they will inevitably have difficulties in their relationships with others and in life in general.