Sacral Authority in Human Design
31 January 2024

Sacral Authority in Human Design

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Sacral Authority in Human Design


You might have come across the concept of Sacral Authority in Human Design. In this article, we will define Inner Authority in the context of Human Design in general, as well as what it means to be advised to follow one's Sacral Inner Authority.

People take many actions that result in pain and disappointment because they do not know which of the possible solutions is the correct one. Furthermore, living in society imposes certain obligations on us. There are behavioural norms and rules that are difficult to ignore. As a result, even when a person understands what the best decision for them is, they frequently abandon it. For example, it is difficult for someone to go against parental wishes and choose to become an artist rather than continue the family tradition of attending medical school, and someone cannot afford to lose status by choosing a partner fr om "outside their circle," etc.

A clear understanding of when and how to act, on the other hand, prevents many of life's disappointments. Nature has taken care of us; it has endowed each person with the ability to make the right decision in any situation, and it has provided a suitable tool for this - Inner Authority, which allows one to understand at the level of body mechanics wh ere exactly within oneself it is worthwhile to look for the most correct and reliable solution.

The Concept of Inner Authority in Human Design

Inner Authority is the only correct way for anyone to make decisions. This is the "mind of your body," its unique truth that is independent of what your mind dictates you. How can you hear and comprehend it? There is one very important criterion — the reaction in the body (based on the type of Inner Authority specified in your Rave Chart).

This is not to be confused with intuition. Inner Authority is determined for each individual based on the presence of certain defined Centres in their Rave Chart.

There are several types of Inner Authority. Today, we will name each of them, but we will focus on one in particular - Sacral Authority in Human Design.

The Types of Inner Authority in Human Design

In Human Design, Sacral Authority coexists with other types of authority:

  • Emotional - 53% of the world's population has this type of Inner Authority. It has the highest priority in terms of influence in the hierarchy of Inner Authorities. It can be found in any Type except the Mental Projector and the Reflector.

  • Sacral - 31% of the world's population has this type of Inner Authority. It is the second most powerful in the hierarchy of internal Authorities. Sacral Inner Authority in Human Design can be found in only Generators and Manifesting Generators.

  • Splenic - 9% of the world's population has this type of Inner Authority. It is the third most influential in the hierarchy of internal Authorities. It can be found only in splenic Projectors and Manifestors.

  • Ego Manifested - 1% of the world's population has this type of Inner Authority. It can be found only in Manifestors.

  • Ego Projected - only 0.5% of the world's population has this type of Inner Authority. It can be found only in classic (non-mental) Projectors.

  • Self-projected - 2.3% of the world's population has this type of Inner Authority. It can be found only in classic (non-mental) Projectors.

  • Lunar - this decision-making method is appropriate for 1% of the world's population. It can be found only in Reflectors.

  • No inner Authority - is appropriate for 2.2% of the world's population. It can be found only in Mental Projectors.

Inner Authority

How to make decisions in accordance with this or that Inner Authority is a topic for several large articles. We will not go into detail on each Authority today, but will instead discuss Generators with Sacral Authority. It is also worth noting that for each individual, Inner Authority is not only a universal way of making decisions, but also a trustworthy ally in following one's Strategy.

Sacral Authority in Human Design

Only the pure or the Manifesting Generator can have Sacral Authority, because only representatives of this Type have the Sacral Centre defined in the Rave Chart. If the Sacral Centre is defined in the Rave Chart, but the Solar Plexus Centre is not, one has the Sacral Human Design.

How does Sacral Authority work?  

Sacral Authority

The point is that the Sacral Centre has the ability to respond, and this response is always associated with the opportunity to participate in some activity. It allows Generators (pure and Manifesting) to hear their body's "opinion" on various manifestations of life and, in response, to take action or leave everything unchanged.

It is through the response that Sacral Authority in Human Design shows to Generators what is right for them, what decision they currently have energy for and what they should participate in, and where, on the contrary, they should clearly mark their boundaries and not get involved in anything.

When the pure or the Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority responds to something that is truly right for them, energy from the Sacral Centre bursts forth in the form of sacral sounds "aha", "uh-huh". If the subject of the request is inappropriate for the Generator, their body will make a rejection sound, such as "nuh-uh".

The Sacral Authority of the Manifesting and the pure Generator functions only in the “now” moment. It does not work for the future, and its truth is only relevant in the present. The response indicates whether the Generator has energy available for some activity at that precise moment. If the response is positive, it means that energy is available; if the response is negative, it means that no energy is available for that specific task (it all depends on the response).

A Generator can have Emotional Authority instead of Sacral Authority. In Human Design, the Emotional Generator also should make decisions based on the response, but it is also important for them to take into account the emotional wave. Unlike a pure Generator, who simply acts on their inner "aha" or "nuh-uh" and only needs to get in sync with their energy, the emotional Generator must follow the following rule: Do not make rash decisions in the heat of the moment! Wait for emotional clarity and investigate all sides of the issue."

Suggestions for Those with Sacral Authority

The human mind is very afraid of losing control over the process of making decisions and taking actions. Is there any way to stop the mind and break free from its grip? Of course, and this is precisely why it is necessary to know one's Inner Authority and follow it.

As soon as you make a decision based on your Inner Authority for the first time and everything goes well, you will breathe a sigh of relief and realise that you can try again and again. It is critical to continue experimenting in order to gain a better understanding of what happens when you trust your Inner Authority.

We will make some suggestions below that will work for both the Sacral Generator and the Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority:

  1. The entire truth for you is contained in how your body responds to an external request, so when making decisions, be guided by the sounds that come from the bottom of your stomach in response and may burst through your throat, or simply by your body's reaction (e.g., it may clench with discomfort). Most of the time, such a request will be a direct question, but with some practice, the Sacral Centre can respond to anything: pleasant music, nice weather, and so on.

  2. Take note of your readiness and willingness to begin the process right away. A Generator with Sacral Authority understands during the response whether they have the energy for a specific thing right now, in this very moment, but not whether they want to do it later, in the future. That is, getting a response today and acting in a couple of days will not work. If the response is present, action should be taken immediately.

  3. To reconnect with your inner Authority after years of conditioning and to hear your bodily response, ask a friend or family member to ask you questions to which you can give simple "yes" or "no" answers. When asked, do not engage your mind, do not mentally process the question, do not make logical connections and try to let sounds pass through rather than responding with words.

  4. Evaluate your sensations as a result of following your Sacral Authority. If is satisfaction, then you have understood and done everything correctly. If it is frustration, devastation, or disappointment, you have misinterpreted what your mind has dictated as a response.

The better you understand the mechanism of your consciousness, the fewer mistakes you will make in life.

Sacral Authority in Human Design is a way for Generators and Manifesting Generators to live their lives from their true desires and preferences, rather than from a "should" position. If you are one of them and want to always make the right decisions, simply remove the right to command you from your mind and give it to your Inner Authority.